Cabo Comedy Festival has been rescheduled! The new dates are February 4 - 8, 2015

Hello friend of the Cabo Comedy Festival,

Due to the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Odile, which pummeled Los Cabos beginning on the evening of Sunday, September 14, we are sad to report that we have no choice but to postpone this year’s Cabo Comedy Festival. As you’ve likely seen on social media and in the news, the area is quite devastated, with residents across the region trying to cope without power, running water or gas, and scrambling for food and shelter. To complicate things further, the brand new, only months-old terminal at the airport has been red-tagged (and from what we can tell, it is likely to not reopen for several weeks). While many hotels were thrashed, the areas where most of the locals live were all but wiped off the map.

What’s underway in Cabo is eerily reminiscent of the scenes of devastation which emanated from New Orleans after Katrina. Yes, the show must go on, and eventually it will. But right now, our hearts are with the residents of Los Cabos and Baja California Sur.

Rest assured that we’ll be back to Cabo soon to provide everyone a reason to laugh again,

We will keep you posted ...

John Zaring
Festival Creator & Producer

A portion of the proceeds will benefit

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